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MD Message

A warm welcome to Arogyam Hsopital & Educational Trust Institutions. It gives me immense pleasure to welcome you to Arogyam Hsopital & Educational Trust Institutions, one of the premier college of Palamu. The college reflects our vision of being known for Academic Excellence, encourage learning for producing professionals with leadership quality in technology, innovation, entrepreneurship and management thus make a significant contribution towards social and economic growth.

At this juncture, India is poised for fourth industrial revolution. India has become the fastest growing major economy in the world. Despite the global slowdown, we have registered excellent growth. With one of the youngest labour forces in the world, a sizable number of technical graduates, the second largest number of internet users on mobile devices and the second largest English speaking population, India is well positioned to play a key role in shaping the fourth industrial revolution. At the same time, Indian higher education system is facing an unprecedented transformation in the coming decade. This transformation is being driven by economic and demographic change: by 2020, India will be the world’s third largest economy, with a correspondingly rapid growth in the size of its middle classes. Currently, over 50% of India’s population is under 25 years old and has a huge appetite for education. But the fast-changing world of tomorrow will be quite different, where only people who adapt themselves to the situation, keep pace with upcoming technologies and have the ability to align themselves with the changing situations will survive.

It is also known that expansion of higher education is important, quality education is equally paramount and the role of the educational institutions become even greater. Currently the crisis of higher education is because of the lack of quality education and poor employability of graduates. There is also little focus on the personal and professional development of students. Consequently, when graduates go out of the Institute to face the real world, they find themselves helpless for handling the business and social problems. In order to ensure effective and immediate transformation to meet the future challenge, Institutes offering Higher Education are required to adopt systems and practices that globally acceptable and have global relevance. These institutions have to rise to the challenge of bridging the gap between academia and industry. To do so, it is essential that we create a vibrant and enriching teaching learning culture that inspires innovation and entrepreneurship. College emphasis their role in shaping future technology by being the test-beds for innovation and educating future generations.

Our Mission & Vision


Quality Education

To Focus on quality education and spirit of innovation that will drive academic orientation .

Self learner

Developing deep disciplinary knowledge, problem solving ability, leadership, communication and interpersonal skills.Encouraging students to become lifelong learners and imbibe essential skills to serve the society at the highest level.


To create an environment where students and employees of diverse backgrounds live, study, learn, and socialize together.

Nation First

To encourage our student to think country first in all situation and serve country through their service.

Our core values


We believe in acting with honesty, courage and trust.


We respect and encourage diversity among students, faculty members and staff to promote cross-cultural environment.We embrace everyone with equity and dignity irrespective of their social background.

Marginalized for all

To inculcate academic excellence not just among the elite but also among the marginalized in the country.
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