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Dr. Jitendra Singh Tomar Principal

The serene ambience of the Arogyam Homoeopathic Medical College & Hospital has been transformed into a hub of academic activities for which the institution has received plethora of accolades and nationwide recognition.

With its magnicent building, cleanliness par excellence, adequate infrastructure, in-house expertise, Teaching faculty of outstanding quality, deliberations at Journal Club meetings/ Case presentations/Seminars and above all, the interactive sessions of U.G. students with the homoeopathy stalwarts of eminence in the seminars, symposia & conferences offer a unique set of opportunities to the students in their career journey. The curriculum at this college is a perfect blend of academic acumen and professional inquisitiveness.

Our Mission & Vision


Quality Education

To Focus on quality education and spirit of innovation that will drive academic orientation .

Self learner

Developing deep disciplinary knowledge, problem solving ability, leadership, communication and interpersonal skills.Encouraging students to become lifelong learners and imbibe essential skills to serve the society at the highest level.


To create an environment where students and employees of diverse backgrounds live, study, learn, and socialize together.

Nation First

To encourage our student to think country first in all situation and serve country through their service.

Our core values


We believe in acting with honesty, courage and trust.


We respect and encourage diversity among students, faculty members and staff to promote cross-cultural environment.We embrace everyone with equity and dignity irrespective of their social background.

Marginalized for all

To inculcate academic excellence not just among the elite but also among the marginalized in the country.
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