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Culture A unique representation of India

Culture is who we are, it is the vibrancy of diversity which gives us our identity, in return our events are designed to identify with the unique element within each and every unique student. As a way of making your learning experience worthwhile, we celebrate the multi-cultural essence within the college campus through an array of festivals and events. Our 1000 students, and 50 staff, along with cultures from every corner of India, make us the ideal culturally enrich college which seeks to provide an enriching experience of the india.

The department of events and culture annually celebrates the essence of AHETI’s cultural heritage through festivals such as Dhoom. These festivals beyond celebrating the cultural heritage, go on to provide a platform for Nurturing and developing the talents of the students.


AHETI is a partner of various hospital.

Arogyam Hospital and Educational Trust Institutions has partnership with various hospitals and clinics to provide training to its students.
RIMS Ranchi

You can see our student oath ceremony

This video will show our student are taking aoth to serve humanity that is coverd by news channel